A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Vesuvius is a 2.5D top-down shooter where you must travel into the heart of enemy space stations to retrieve critical parts to repair your damaged space ship. Use a variety of weapons to shoot your way to the boss on each level and return home with the parts. Featuring procedural level generation for each level to increase replayability.

Players start off with the standard gun and can buy upgrades to their health and energy:


Choose between two levels:


Fight your way to the boss of each level:


The interactive minimal helps players find their way to the boss:


Players have the ability to teleport back to a dropped item to avoid swarms of enemies:


Install instructions

Download the zip file for your given operating system, unzip then click on the Unity executable to start. For mac builds it may be necessary to insure the proper permissions are enabled (i.e. chmod +x /path/to/executable)


Mac Build 212 MB
Windows Build 211 MB

Development log

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